Mooring Capstans

Opem Sistemi manufactures mooring capstans (electric version) single or double speed with pull up to 8 t.

Typical equipment refers to a couple of mooring capstans, having vertical axis. Each deck unit is equipped with proper electric device, such as starter box and control unit, so that one deck unit is completely independent from the other one.

Technical performances and features of a 1500 daNm standard equipment (double speed) are as follows:

– MAX BRAKING PULL —-> 1500 daN
– TWO MOORING LINE SPEED —-> 10 / 20 m/min about

Standard scope of supply consists of:
– Deck unit with vertical avis complete with warping head with removable hub and bearing, main shaft, base plate, planetary reduction gear elbow type, tropicalized e.m.. with el/magnetic disc brake
– Reversing starter box contained in a water tight box (IP55 protection)
– Control panels each including ON/OFF push button with indicating light selecting:
–> Push button slow speed
–> Push button fast speed
– Foot switches for clock wise and counter clock wise rotation
– Set of installation drawings and instructions
– Operator’s and maintenance manual with troubleshooting and spare part list.

Download Request of data for Quotation of Deck Machinery

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