SuperYacht Electric Steering System (SYES®)

Electrical Steering Systems


The SYES version foresees electric linear actuators actioned by high-tech motors and is already a consolidated reality. This technology is suitable for every type of vessel and designed for electronically synchronized rudders (without sway bars).

Usually, two actuators are supplied: one for each rudder. In case one of them fails, the other will continue to operate guaranteeing the steer. Innovative solutions are applied to the emergency steering, conceived to allow continuity of operation in case of black-out. The electro-mechanic group is formed by an electric linear actuator, a push/pull rod connected to the end of the tiller with a spherical joint. The actuator is fixed to the structure of the vessel through a dedicated spherical link.

SYES® Strenght Points
  • Easy to install
    The installation of the SYES electric actuator is easier than a hydraulic cylinder of common use.
  • Less volume
    The hydraulic control unit is not necessary anymore, thus the piping and the hydraulic valves can be avoided.
  • Green installation
    No oil means no risk of leaks or pollution. Plus, the electrical drive reduces the emission of polluting substances.
  • Flexibility
    SYES can be installed with or without connecting link bar: the control system ensures the continuous alignment between rudder in any case.
  • Versatility
    Our precise and adaptable electronic control system interfaces with the different steering modes. It is particularly suitable for the realization of automatic features, such as regulating the excursion speed as the speed of the ship/craft/vessel changes.
Range of available electric actuators:
  • SYES 080 with torque up to 100 daNm per actuator/rudder
  • SYES 080HL with torque up to 200 daNm per actuator/rudder
  • SYES 100HL with torque up to 750 daNm per actuator/rudder
  • SYES 100XL with torque up to 1800 daNm per actuator/rudder